Discernment & Formation Journey

The steps to becoming an Apostle of the Interior Life

Your vocation is an answer to God’s call. Therefore, it is important to remain united with Him in prayer. This is the foundation of your discernment and, ultimately, the “place of confirmation” of your vocation.  The formation journey to become an Apostle of the Interior Life begins after the young woman has been in contact with the community through the “Come and See” opportunities and in dialogue with the vocation director over a consistent amount of time.

There are some significant steps:



It is necessary to be confirmed both in the vocation to consecrated life and the call to discern our charism. That first happens through the personal journey of prayer and through the assistance of a good spiritual director. Then frequent visits to the community and conversations with the sisters start to solidify more and more the call to discern our charism. There is no time frame for this initial component of the discernment process. However, it is important to be in dialogue with the vocation director since there is a mutual discernment from the perspective of the woman and from the community. The vocation director might suggest spending a semester or a year in a missionary-year experience to help a young woman continue to discern. If you would like to hear about this experience, please read more.



Once the young woman is confirmed both in her vocation and the desire to be an Apostle of the Interior Life, is supported by her spiritual director and is confident in the journey she has walked with the community, she can move forward and ask for an application. It includes writing an autobiography, obtaining a recommendation letter, collecting documents, and going through an interview with the vocation director.


“Nazareth” is the first phase of formation. In this phase the young woman lives in the House of Formation in Rome. She begins living all the four pillars of the AVI charism to see if this way of life is what God is calling her to. One of the Sisters in the house is the Formator and helps accompany her in this transition.


The formation now includes studying and pursuing a degree in Philosophy and Theology in one of the Pontifical Universities. She continues living more and more deeply the aspects of the Apostles of the Interior Life charism and is formed through daily life and formation meetings.


The final part of formation is the specific preparation for the radical gift of self: over a period of at least two years the young woman prepares for the profession of the promises of poverty, chastity and obedience according to the Rule of Life. Promises are taken during the solemn celebration of the Eucharist on the feast of the Immaculate Conception.


The newly vowed sister receives her first assignment during which she will receive a more specific apostolic preparation to become a spiritual director and to give conferences and retreats. She will also receive specific formation on how to live the responsibilities of a member of the community.

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