My heart is yours now

On this Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, we strive to open our hearts that we might receive this gift with greater receptivity. Today if we are unable to be in His physical presence in the Eucharist, we remember that He dwells faithfully within our hearts and will never abandon us. “Fear not, for I am with you” (Is. 43:5).

Come to Me, to receive what you have always longed for. My heart is yours now. Come to Me today, as you are: no need to perform, to earn, to appear. Come to Me with your worries and distractions, your weariness and your stress, your joys and your thankfulness. You have My undivided attention. So, let down your guard and come, come to Me as you are.

Today I desire to look at you, My child. Today I want to remind you that I see you, I know you, I love you. I delight in every part of you, for I fashioned every fiber that is in your being. From all eternity I saw you and I desired you. The enemy has attempted to trick you into believing that somehow you are not good enough, that somehow, I am ashamed of you, that somehow if you just try a little harder, then you’ll be worthy of My love. This is not so. There is absolutely nothing you could do that would change My love for you. Not at all. Not even by a millimeter. For I see you, I know you, I love you.

Not only do I love you, but you are loveable. Yes, you are loveable. I delight in gazing upon you. I rejoice when you allow Me into your heart. I am so happy when you trust in Me. I am overjoyed to pour out My mercy upon you. The very thought of you brings Me delight.

So, I invite you, dear one: rest in Me today. Rest in My heart, rest in My gaze, rest in My love for you. Today I am here to remind you that My heart is yours now. Yes, My heart belongs to you. As you lift your eyes and gaze upon Me, present here in the Eucharist, what do you see? Did you know that this tiny, simple white host is all of My love, poured out for you? My heart is yours now.

It was not enough for me to remain within My Father’s embrace for all eternity, but I longed that you might dwell within our communion. And so, many years ago, in the womb of a humble virgin, I took on your same flesh. I took on a human heart, a human body, for you. I walked this broken earth for you. I knew your pain, your weariness, your laughter, your song, your emotions. And then, I did the unthinkable. I surrendered that same body, My flesh and My blood, for you.

Humble bread, simple wine, few choice words. This is My body. This is My blood. Given up for you. Poured out for you. The promise became unmistakably real in the moment when that same flesh, that same blood, was agonizing on a cross. For you. I had nothing left to give but My very self, to the last breath.

And even after that final breath, there was another gift awaiting you. The soldier whose lance unknowingly released a torrent of mercy saw only blood and water. Yet this too would remind you of the extravagance of My love. Even after I had breathed my last, My heart still had more to give.

So, do not let the enemy steal your joy. Do not let him sow seeds of doubt or lies that you are somehow unloved or unwanted. Because the truth is that My presence here, on this altar under the simplest of appearances — My presence here in the Eucharist speaks of faithfulness. Vulnerability. Desire. Trust. Sacrifice. Love. Remember, child: My heart is yours now.

No one will ever look at you with the tenderness that I have for you. No other person will listen to your every murmur, your every whisper. No one else has counted every one of your tears. No one else knows your thoughts before you speak them. In this tiny host veiling My true presence is everything you have ever desired.
Can you feel that gentle beating in your chest? Let it remind you that I have given you everything, My very self, all that I am, My own heart and flesh pulsing with life and love.

Because My heart is yours now.

Sr. Ruth
Artwork by Leanne Bowen

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