Posted On December 5, 2008

Esther: Friend of God and Men

As a prism reflects the one color of the light in myriads, so each of the friends of God reflect a particular aspect of the magnificence of God. Esther is the friend of God that radiates the splendor of the Beauty of God upon the world. Each one of us has many friends, but we relate with each and every one in different ways. Every friend has the capacity to bring out different characteristics in us. The same thing happens with the friends of God. Esther is the friend that brings out the Beauty of God. God relates with her by communicating to her his splendor. This is why also Esther is so beautiful: she reflects that beauty that she contemplates. Beauty has a strong power of attraction. There is no one, not even the most ? person that is not attracted by the beauty of a child, by the grace of a woman, by a beautiful smile or a nice gesture of kindness. The beauty of good news has the power to relax, just as a beautiful view attracts the gaze of everyone, especially when we are tired and stressed.

Beauty has a therapeutic power upon our soul. We all have our “corner”, that we consider beautiful, in which we find refuge when we need to relax. The word “beautiful” means: an exterior aspect of an intrinsic quality that provokes pleasant feelings. If this is what beauty means, then Esther, in her relationship with God, experienced these pleasant feelings. Have you ever experienced the Beauty of God? Have you ever reposed within it?

Esther the friend of God and friend of men, introduces us into the experience of the Beauty of God. She indicates to us the secrets to be able to see and taste it. “You, God, our King! You are just!” (Esther 5).

That which we usually experience is a prayer of request, or of thanks, or at the most of intercession, but hardly ever do we live the prayer of praise. What is it? It is that prayer in which we perceive the beauty of God and we exalt it, we love it.

This beauty gives us joy, a sense of peace, of fulfillment. It lets us breath harmony. Are you saying that you don’t know how to praise? You learn to praise by praising. Start by telling God about the desire you have to see his beauty and then try to sing of his wonders. At the beginning it could be difficult, but after a while it becomes spontaneous and you realize that that prayer has opened the heavens and now you see the image of God. And praising Him, at this point, becomes easy.

By becoming  a friend of Esther you can experience that the beauty of God isn’t something silly and useless. Instead it is strong, capable of making us strong and of working wonders.

In fact God:
– gave strength and determination to Esther, that put her life in danger even if it was to save an entire people;
– and the beauty of Esther that she received as a gift from God, had the power to conquer the heart of the Assuer King, that had grown cold and alienated from that of the Queen.

I invite everyone to become friends of God and of Esther. I invite everyone to come to know this incredible Queen especially:
– those who feel the desire to perceive the Beauty of God and rest in it;
– women who feel the heart of their loved one a little distant and would love to re-conquer it.

The Good News That I Will Announce Is…
“I praise you because you have wonderfully made me.” Psalm 138

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