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 “From the very nature of the charism springs the multiple reasons for the Apostles of the Interior Life’s choice to dedicate themselves full-time to this type of apostolate. … For this reason, it is by Constitution that the Community lives on Divine Providence.” 

From our Rule of Life

We live only on Divine Providence, thus relying completely on the generosity of our benefactors for ongoing expenses such as food, health insurance, travel, apostolate, tuitions, utility bills, and much more.

People often ask “What do you Sisters need?” Here is a list of some of our monthly and yearly expenses, to help you see how your support makes our life and mission possible.



Cost of Travel Expenses per Sister (Gas, Bus Passes,...)
Cost of Apostolic Expenses per Sister
Cost of tuition for one Sister's Education
Cost of medical care for one Sister (Insurance, Dental, Pharmacy,...)


Cost per Sister to Travel to visit her family
Cost of Vocational Retreats and Events
Cost of Car Insurance for the entire Community
Cost of Groceries for the entire Community
Cost of Utility Bills for the entire Community

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Apostles of the Interior Life
603 Church Avenue, College Station, TX 77840


We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. All donations are tax-deductible. EIN 87-2494245
May God reward you for your generosity!