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This page is designed to give you some important information about your website. You can use the links below to quickly navigate to the most important areas of your website, see your current email subscriber count, and follow along with the videos below on basic and advanced topics for your website.

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Embed a Planning Center Form Popup

Copy, paste, and then edit the below HTML on your page to creat a link to open the form in a popup

<a href=“your-form-URL” data-open-in-church-center-modal=“true”>Fill out our form!</a>

Read the Planning Center article on embedding post here

Additional Training Videos & Information

Your Website

You can find a general overview of your website backend, the tools we use, and some basics to help you to get started editing and managing your site.

You can explore different topics with the tabs that have general information for some common tasks that you will likely need to perform on your website. There are links to extensive documentation along with videos that are specific to your website.

If there is something specific that you would like an explanatory video created please contact us and we can create it for you and insert it on your dashboard.

Below are two tools I often use to help me write better.



Here Are a Few Places to Look For Free Stock Photos

On the next tab is a video covering image selection, image file types, and image optimization.





Photos can be very large files and prior to uploading them for use on your site they should be optimized so they do not slow your site down. Below is a short video on photo optimization and links to different sites mentioned in the video.


Websites for photo optimization




PDFs are another file type that is often uploaded that can be very large files and slow your site down. Before uploading a PDF to your website it should be compressed as well. Below is a short video on PDF optimization and links to different sites mentioned in the video.


Website for PDF optimization


Videos covering the most commonly used Divi modules along with links to the documentation can be found on the following tabs.

Here are links to the Divi Documentation and an overview video of the Divi builder.

Click here to go to the Divi Theme Documentation

Click here to go to the Divi Modules Documentation