catholic spiritual mentorship program

forming you to form others in the interior life


“My dream for the Archdiocese is to be able to awaken in the hearts of many a yearning for holiness. If we are able to succeed in this area, we will need an army of spiritual mentors who will be trained to help guide and assist others in developing a rich life of prayer. I am very grateful for the presence of the Apostles of the Interior Life in the Archdiocese with their special charism and expertise in the area of spiritual direction. I am thrilled with their willingness to help form others to be spiritual mentors.” Archbishop Naumann

Archbishop Joseph Naumann

 In collaboration with Holy Family School of Faith, the Apostles of the Interior Life Spiritual Mentorship Program is a two-year course of study combining eight distance learning courses with four one-week intensive sessions offered in-residence at Savior Pastoral Center in Kansas City, Kansas.  The program aims to form Spiritual Mentors to serve as guide and companion to others on their journey to holiness.  It is designed for Catholics who have a desire to develop a deep prayer and sacramental life, a desire to increase their knowledge of the Catholic faith, a desire to grow in the virtues and a desire to help others do the same.
Spiritual Mentorship Sessions
Session I
5/18/19 – 5/24/19
Session II
Liturgy & Sacraments
1/6/20 – 1/12/20
Session III
Virtue and the Moral Life
5/18/20 – 5/24/20
Session IV
Discernment and Practicum
1/4/21 – 1/10/21
Savior Pastoral Center, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
12601 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66109
The cost for each session is $1750. 
This includes all the courses in the session, course materials,
room and board during the session.


To view more information on our program, please click on this link: CSMP Booklet
To print an application, please click on this link: CSMP Application form

Encounter leads to mission,

to sharing what we have received,

and mission leads back to encounter in

an expanding cycle of grace.