renewing the parish

S ince the founding of  our community, we sisters have offered hundreds of Parish Missions in Italy and in the United States. These missions are always precious opportunities for a parish community to be re-vitalized and be challenged to continue in the growth towards holiness. Depending on the size of the Parish, missions can vary between a 4-day and a 6-day program (Saturday through Tuesday, or Wednesday or Thursday evening). The topics we cover are generally on Holiness, Prayer, Eucharist and Reconciliation, though we are available to cover other topics that the Pastor might request, especially if the mission falls in Advent or Lent. During the mission, the sisters are available for one-on-one basis spiritual guidance, for visiting the children in Catholic schools (K-12th), for visiting the home bound and the seniors in nursing homes. If you are interested in having us lead a parish mission in your Parish, please invite your Pastor to contact Sr. Loredana at srloredana@hotmail.com for more info. Though the initial contact can be arranged between a member of the parish pastoral staff and us sisters, we desire to discuss the details of the mission with the Pastor, so as to be sure that we are catering to the needs of the Parish. The general timeline for booking us for a parish mission is anywhere between 6 and 18 months, depending on the time of the Year.