vocational discernment

which way does God want me to go

Lord, I’m happy now that I know You through prayer and Sacraments. My joy, however, is not complete. There are many brothers that are still waiting to receive love and life. What can I do for them? I received many gifts from you, and I know that there is a place in the world that is made just for me. I want my life to be an answer to your call. I really desire to love you more and to serve you! Lord, I entrust my life to You, I’m sure that your plan for me is a plan of joy. “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” I’m open to marriage, the amazing call to form a family, that You made a sacrament. I’m ready for priesthood or religious life, the state of life You chose for Yourself when You became man, to offer us a foretaste of Heaven. “Here I am, Lord”, please, let me recognize my vocation!

Such a prayer reveals a soul who thirsts to know the will of God. Vocational discernment is an adventure that leads to freedom and joy. Through spiritual direction the Apostles provide the tools the Church offers to find out what God wants: prayer, the Word of God, dialogue with the spiritual guide, knowledge of oneself, purification. The goal is to remove the obstacle that can prevent the light of the Holy Spirit to reveal the vocation that is written in one’s heart and personal story. Samuel Group is another helpful tool that the Apostles imported to the US to help young people in their discernment.

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