Who we are

The Apostles of the Interior Life are consecrated women who dedicate their lives through the profession of the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty, and obedience. They live in community and have prayer at the center of their day. Their apostolate ranges from evangelization to spiritual formation, including spiritual direction. At the heart of their apostolate is the personal relationship, reaching out to people in their various environments and needs, with a particular care for the youth and young adults. The Gospel passage that inspires their charism most is the Samaritan woman who meets Jesus one-on-one at the well and can’t help but leave her jar and go announce Him to others right away. 

Our Founder

Fr. Salvatore was born in Italy on December 9, 1926. “How can we be indifferent when people are spiritually starving and don’t have any reason to live?” This thought constantly accompanied Salvatore in his youth. For this reason once he became a priest he dedicated a lot of his time to spiritual direction and to the “new evangelization”.

The Beginnings of a New Community

Fr. Salvatore envisioned a community of young consecrated people with a solid philosophical and theological preparation, that could seek out their brothers and sisters where they were and guide them to meet God through spiritual accompaniment.

Our Locations

The community was founded in Rome, Italy where there are two houses – the house of formation and an apostolic house. In 2000, the community opened its first house in the United States. The sisters currently serve at the Catholic campus center of Texas A&M University.

The Four Pillars

The four pillars of the sisters’ life are prayer, community life, intellectual formation and apostolate. The structure of the daily schedule doesn’t always look the same from day to day or between the different houses, but they all incorporate these four elements.

The AVI Charism in the life of Lay People 

Collaborators of your Joy (CO-JOY) are individuals who have the desire to live out the charism of the Apostles of the Interior Life. They feel called to be active members in the development and the spreading of the charism of the interior life.

Within the CO-JOY, a group of people, called “The Family”, take promises to live out the charism in a more committed way.

Vocation Stories of our Sisters

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