If you’re interested in getting to know us more, a simple initial way to encounter the community is to participate  in any of the events you find below, lead by the local communities

IF YOU DESIRE TO SPEND TIME WITH OUR COMMUNITY, please contact the vocation director at vocations@apostlesofil.com

She will help you find the best opportunities and nearest location for you and arrange a time for you to visit with the community. We have different kinds of experiences.


Come and pray with us on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord February 2nd, the day in which the Church celebrates COnsacrated Life. At the FIAT HOUSE in LAwrence Dinner and Holy Hour

Vocational retreat Heart of Mary, in Austin TX (contact Sr. Tatum tatum@apostlesofil.com to RSVP)

  • A DAY IN THE LIFE:   When the disciples heard Jesus talking, they where attracted by Him. They wanted to know where He lived so that they could stay with Him longer. Jesus said to  them: COME AND SEE. He didn’t organize an event for them rather He simply invited them to be with Him and see His life (John 1:37-39). In the same spirit and in order to know more about us, we want to invite you to COME AND SEE – to visit the community or experience a day in the life of the AVI to see our ordinary life, how we live together, do apostolate,… You will have the opportunity to sit down and talk with us, and more.


  • VOCATIONAL EXPERIENCES: are geared to know more about us, our Charism, and the history of our community. This is for any woman interested to discern her call to religious life as an Apostle of the Interior Life. It will be more then a Day in the life or a  Come and See,  because it will extend for a longer period of time and it will give the possibility to experience all four pillars of our Charism, visit in person with the sisters and begin a journey of discernment with us.


  •  IN RESIDENCE EXPERIENCE: for a week at the time. You will be able to live in one of our community and participate in our life. This opportunity is decided only after a specific journey done with the vocation director.